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At Heirloom Shuffleboards, we recognize that "custom" is part of every "customer." When you ask, "Can you...?" We'll confidently answer, "Yes."

Fritzi began crafting The Legacy model, Heirloom Shuffleboards’ first line of high-quality, old-world style shuffleboards, patterned after the shuffleboards from the 1940s that Fritzi had become an expert at restoring. That was in 2004. Since then, Heirloom Shuffleboards have been placed across the United States in Nantucket, Long Island, Texas and California and even internationally.

The Legacy comes with everything you need to start playing. Although The Legacy is the first model of shuffleboards designed and crafted by Heirloom Shuffleboards, it won't be our last. Fritzi is at work imagining, designing and crafting new shuffleboard models to be made in the future.

At Heirloom Shuffleboard, we’ve designed your shuffleboard with the quality to last long enough to be given from one generation to the next on the family tree you’re growing. We want you to know how to care for your shuffleboard so that it can be a part of your family for a very long time.

Whether you’re purchasing shuffleboard from us or we’re restoring one you already have, we want you to have a beautiful piece of furniture that makes your home feel more like home, and we want it last for your generations still to come. We make sure our customers’ shuffleboards are crafted from the best hardwoods because we want you to have the highest quality shuffleboard on the market. We don’t manufacture shuffleboards. We craft them.

As an additional service, we can deliver your shuffleboard to you and set it up, and we promise we won’t leave until we’re sure that your shuffleboard is exactly the way you want it.

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